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Pijunnaqunga Internship Process

Once you’ve successfully completed the interview sessions and the training, let your internship begin!


Orientation and weekly objectives

Orientation in the organization will make you feel welcome and confident in your new workplace. You will set yourself some concrete and personal objectives you want to achieve in your internship through your Intern’s weekly learning objectives.


of tasks

No worries – your assigned mentor will work closely with you at the beginning and will give you more autonomy as you progress.



This is the moment to talk with your mentor about your concerns and set new personal goals.


End of internship and evaluation

A summary of the skills and competences you developed during your entire internship will be done, along with concrete recommendations for your professional betterment. Take this time to acknowledge your accomplishments and prepare yourself for the next internship or your future career.


Regularly appointed tasks

Keep being awesome and integrate the feedback you received from the mid-evaluation in your daily activities.


Mid-internship recommendations

This evaluation will be done with the internship coordinator, your mentor and you, to make sure everybody is up to date about the progression of the internship and make the necessary adjustments.


Here are some examples of the type of internships that have been developped with Pijunnaqunga.

You dream job is not on the list? Contact us and let us know what field of work interests you!

You can also download the list here in PDF





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