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what is a mentor?

A mentor is an experienced employee that is willing to share their knowledge and expertise to help another person in attaining a satisfying and valuable work experience. Mentors are learning facilitators that must be able to give appropriate and constructive feedback. Pijunnaqunga mentors will provide on-the-job training to the interns, offering them guidance and professional support needed to develop desirable working skills.

Why become a MENTOR?

Aside from the genuine satisfaction all mentors feel knowing they’re helping to improve the professional life of an intern, they’ll also be taking a positive step for their own career. By taking this role, mentors will:

  • Gain new supervisory skills and professional knowledge to add to their resume;
  • Meet new challenges;
  • Raise their self-confidence;
  • Assess their readiness to take on new tasks and show they can thrive with added responsibilities;
  • Learn more about their own role by teaching the various aspects of their work.

What does a mentor do?

The role of a mentor is to share knowledge about their work position and to assist the intern in the accomplishment of her/his learning objectives. Mentors will also assess the intern’s progress through weekly meetings, discussion logs and occasional conference calls with the internship coordinator.

Every Pijunnaqunga mentor will receive a training session with the Pijunnaqunga team. Mentors will benefit from the continuous support of the internship coordinator of Pijunnaqunga.

As an experenced full-time employee of an organization working in or for Nunavik, you can talk to your Department Director or your Human Resources advisor if you are interested in becoming a mentor for Pijunnaqunga.

Mentoring is a rewarding experience, get involved!

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