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Eligibility criteria

  • Be an Inuk Nunavimmiuq;
  • Have graduated high school;
  • Be between 18 and 35 years of age.

* Individuals who demonstrate strong motivation and great potential to succeed in this program, but do not match the previous criteria, might be considered.

Remember, post-secondary education is THE priority within Pijunnaqunga!
If you recently made the decision to leave post-secondary school, you must have been out of school for at least 6 months prior to applying for Pijunnaqunga.

Documents required

These documents will be required to apply for the program:

  • Completed application form;
  • Two completed reference forms.

Click here to download the application form in PDF format.

General information

Are you an inuk Nunavimmiuq?
Date of birth

If you usually use a name other than the one on your birth certificate or if you use your spouse's last name or both last names, enter it/them.

Marital Status

Only if you DON'T yet have a social insurance number, please enter 999 999 999
When is the best moment to reach you and how?
Do you have a criminal record?
* By applying to this program, I agree to have my criminal record checked.

Emergency contact

Mobility information

Are you available to attend an interview session in
another community (up to 5 days)?
Are you available to attend a 2-week training in another community?
Are you available to move to another community for the duration of an internship (up to 12 weeks)?

Current situation

Are you employed? If yes, specify the type of employment.
If you are employed, please write the name of your employer
Is your spouse employed?
Are you the head of a single-parent family?
Does your state of health allow you to work?
Do you have a physical or an intellectual limitation or a mental health issue?
Do you have dependants?
If yes for each one provide the following

Education and other training

Did you graduate from high school?
Are you planning on going to college?
Have you ever been to college?
Did you complete any other training?

experience, skills and competences

Work / Volunteering experience
Starting Date
Finishing Date
Job Title
Starting Date
Finishing Date
Job Title
Other achievements
Are you familiar with one or more of these softwares?



Terms and conditions

By sending this form, I solemnly affirm that the information provided is accurate and complete and I understand that it may be verified. I commit to informing the Pijunnaqunga Internship Program of any changes in this information. I agree to allow the Pijunnaqunga Internship Program to collect and compile my personal information for management purposes and consent to have this information shared with various government agencies. I understand and accept that the electronic transmission of this form constitute a proper signature.

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