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In May, the Pijunnaqunga project really started to take shape: the first draft of the Pijunnaqunga Program Guideline was created by the team. This document, intended for participating organizations, outlines the proceedings of the program: what Pijunnaqunga is, the organizational chart, the Pijunnaqunga steps and cycles, the roles of the interns and personnel, the recruitment process and the trainings for interns and mentors etc.

With the purpose of creating an original, attractive and user-friendly website, a careful selection of website developers was conducted by the team. Ultimately, Onaki with their innovative designs and past experience with aboriginal organizations was chosen. In order to choose adequately for web development, the team had to define the needs and expectations for the Pijunnaqunga website. At that time, the team started to create the website content.

From May 14th to May 19th, Isabelle and Emily travelled to Kuujjuaq representing the Pijunnaqunga team in order to meet with the organizations based there. Among others, the team met representatives of the Sustainable Employment from KRG (Kativik Regional Government), NRBHSS (Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services), LEO (Local Employment Office), YES (Youth Employment Service), and Qarjuit Youth Council.

The Pijunnaqunga team also worked on the pamphlet and posters for the program. The content was defined, but they are waiting for the final branding by the web designer before finalizing the design of the promotional tools.

In May, two students joined the team as Inuit ambassadors of Pijunnaqunga as a summer job: Philip Tulugak and Akinasi Partridge. Both participated in the team meetings and brainstorming sessions and worked on translation and content creation for the Pijunnaqunga promotional campaign.

The monthly Steering Committee meeting was held on  May 29th during which the website structure and web developers were approved by the members. The website content was also discussed, and a follow-up from the meetings held in Kuujjuaq was made.

Things are going well: the Pijunnaqunga team expects to launch their website by the  July 31st, 2017!

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