What is Pijunnaqunga?

Pijunnaqunga, or ”I can do it” in inuktitut, is an internship program that aims to empower young Inuit from Nunavik to develop their skills through hands-on work experience. The program includes in-depth interviews, an intensive training session, plus paid internships in Nunavik organizations with a firm mentoring support.

Pijunnaqunga intends to offer internship opportunities which could lead to significant positions within Nunavik Regional Organizations, in order to encourage the development of the next generation of Nunavimmiut leaders.

Why Pijunnaqunga?

According to the 2015 study ‘‘Nunavik in figures’’, 49% of the full-time jobs in Nunavik in 2011 were occupied by non-beneficiaries. Most of the Nunavik regional employers are very concerned about their succession planning and are constantly striving to increase the number of Nunavimmiut employees within their organizations.

Envisioning to reach higher positions within Regional Organizations is also a concern expressed  by Inuit youth themselves (Qarjuit Youth Council, March 2016 consultation).

Pijunnaqunga was initiated and developed through the Sustainable Employment Department of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) to respond to these challenges.


Pijunnaqunga provides unique internship opportunities to empower young Inuit Nunavimmiut towards a professional career within Nunavik regional organizations.


Pijunnaqunga aims to increase the employability of young Inuit Nunavimmiut to hold significant positions within Nunavik organizations through an inspiring internship program.


Pijunnaqunga is consolidated around 4 core values: Respect, Commitment, Leadership, and Self-Development.


Although Pijunnaqunga is a program that provides internship opportunities within Nunavik organizations, its greater goal is to empower Inuit youth and enhance their career path. We truly believe that school remains THE NUMBER ONE priority to achieve that objective. For that reason, if a candidate made the decision to leave post-secondary school, they must have been referred by their Counsellor in Academic Training to apply for Pijunnaqunga. Furthermore, we will also provide support to all participants at any point during the program who express the desire to further their education path. We will consider any participant who goes back to school a success within our program.

Our Team

Pijunnaqunga team

Guillaume Pageau-Lefebvre

Team Leader

The project manager is responsible for the coordination of activities and the seamless operation of Pijunnaqunga.

Tel: 514-379-3797 x 1
Toll Free: 1-855-349-3797 x 1


Vanita Charbonneau

Recruitment Coordinator

The recruitment coordinator is responsible for the identification, selection and training of candidates who demonstrate great potential to be Pijunnaqunga interns.

Tel: 514-379-3797 x 2
Toll Free: 1-855-349-3797 x 2


Allyza Rivas

Internship coordinator

The internship coordinator is responsible for the successful execution of the internships and to offer continuous support to the Pijunnaqunga interns and mentors.

Tel: 514-379-3797 x 3
Toll Free: 1-855-349-3797 x 3



Community Liaison Officer

The community liaison officer is responsible for all inquiries in Inuktitut, making sure that the program is culturally adapted and taking care of the connections between our local partners and our participants.

Tel: (514) 379-3797 x 4
Toll Free: 1-855-349-3797 x 4


Steering committee

The Steering Committee oversees the progression of Pijunnaqunga. Members of the Steering Committee are monitoring the Pijunnaqunga activities, ensuring it aligns with the vision of the project.

Members of the Steering Committee are:

Lydia Watt – KRG; Director Employment Development, Sustainable Employment Department
Dave McMullen – KRG; Assistant Director Employment Development, Sustainable Employment Department
Sabine Georges – KRG; Assistant Director Services Nunavik, Sustainable Employment Department
Allysa Annanack – KRG; Program Officer, Sustainable Employment Department
Lydia Martin – KRG; Youth Employment Services Coordinator Ungava
Sarah Lisa Kasudluak – KRG; Youth Employment Services Coordinator Hudson
Isabelle Prégent – PS Jeunesse; Director General
Isabelle Picard – PS Jeunesse; Senior Manager of Inuit Services

We would also like to thank Dylan Lord, Hugo Jourdain, Geneviève Pruneau-Brunet, Merilyn Whiteley, Emily Sappa and Natasha MacDonald for their participation in the development of the Pijunnaqunga project. Special thanks to our students that joined the team for the summer 2017: Andrea Brazeau, Akinasi Partridge, Saladie Snowball and Philip Tulugak.

Our Partners

Pijunnaqunga is a project developed in collaboration with

Participating organizations

Local collaborators

Financial Partners

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